David Castlegrant and Associates (DCA) is pleased to announce their creation of the ANM EXPO NEWS, a quarterly print publication focusing on the people, companies and products of the army-navy industry. The ANM EXPO NEWS  is under the creative leadership of Deborah Gantos, Editor in Chief. Ms. Gantos has over 2o years’ experience in writing and teaching business communication at several universities. Aiding in her endeavors,  a staff of writers comprised of  subject matter experts contribute  stories and information on a variety of topics of interest to the army navy industry  such as:  army navy surplus, product reviews,  military, law  enforcement, outdoors,  financial, small business concerns, legal, economics, logistics, training and technology.  There is also an online version at  www.anmexponews.com.   Should you wish to  advertise  in this publication or receive a free subscription, please call -800-880-2485.