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When it is Time to Leave Your Business

By David Castlegrant One of the most frequent calls we get for our business consulting services are from small business owners who have decided that it is time to transition out of their business. This is a decision that never comes easily but, it is inevitable. In almost all cases, this is not a happy phone call. I can usually sense frustration, fear, sadness, and  sometimes, helplessness in the tone of the caller’s voice. Beyond the tough decision process that went into opening the business (or working through a succession plan that enabled the current owner to buy out...

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Motivating Employees: Do you have the Right Stuff?

By David Castlegrant After researching the theme of this article, I found there is no shortage of material on the topic of employee motivation: 10 Ways, 18 Points, 5 Better Ways and The Number One Way. Remove” motivate” and replace with “how to make your first million dollars” and the Google searches almost look the same. So what is the right way to motivate your employees? At the ending of a TV show from the early 1960s called, The Naked City, the announcer would state with an air of authority, “There are eight million stories in the naked city....

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Training Tips

Ask the People Who Do the Work By Deborah Gantos Last issue we talked about getting your employees engaged in promoting and growing your business. Here are some more ideas. Talk to them one on one. You say you have too many people and no time? Not so. A top executive from a Fortune 500 company was famous for walking in the door each day and instead of cloistering himself in his office, would walk around the company, stopping to talk to the employees. He knew everyone by name and something about their personal life. Taking a personal interest...

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Human Beings…Not Just Resources

By Deborah Gantos In previous articles, I have suggested some ways to better communicate with employees. In this issue, I will be focusing on one-on-one conversation between owner and employee/staff. This depends on how many employees/staff you have. If you have fewer than 25 employees, then I suggest you do it personally or with your “second in command.”  If not, thoroughly train your managers to do this. In my many years of consulting and university teaching, two things are essential in forging positive attitudes among employees. The first is to be “appreciated.” I recently attended a gathering of an organization...

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Family Business Considerations: The Family Dynamic

By Deborah Gantos The following situations are composites of real case studies. All names and identifiers have been changed to maintain confidentiality. Situation 1 Mom and Dad own the business and have five children: Samuel, oldest son; Russ, second oldest son; Sheila, oldest daughter; Ernie next oldest son and Waldo, youngest son. Favoritism is rampant in this family business. The oldest son, Samuel, is a slacker who plays Angry Birds all day long. Sam is a “mamma’s boy.” He is “helping” manage the business. Second oldest, Russ, is hard-working but not recognized for his contributions. Russ is very mechanical...

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